Spider Bags / John Wesley Coleman / Rayon Beach

Hello all,

Like to invite you all to come to the Layabout House (2702 Lawndale, Durham) tonight, for three rock and roll bands and a damn good time. For those unaware, I play with Spider Bags, and our dear friends Wes Coleman and Rayon Beach are on the road, touring hard and bringing the noise every night all across the country. And lucky for you, they’re stopping in Durham tonight. So come out around 8, have a beer, and bring a few bucks for these hard traveling men. Here’s a poster I printed for the show, featuring the namesake of Wes’ soon to come new record, Little Miss Keith Richards. I’ll bring a few with me tonight. The handsome fellow displaying this print is my brother Andrew, who, along with my youngest brother Thomas, I’ll also bring with me tonight. See you there for rock and roll.