Happy Birthday, Mr. Hall

Greetings and salutations on this fine Sunday. Got  a new poster for yez to have a gander at. It’s for another Pinhook show, this one on October 8. It’s a birthday party show, with a killer lineup,  for local music superfan and overall rad dude James Hall. James has been a friend and supporter to me and many, many others for a very long time. And this should be a rocking party. This a two color print, 12.5″ x 18″ on French Smart White 110 lb paper. The fingers and eyebrows in the photo are Maggie’s. As for the poster image, well let’s put it this way: Rock & Roll + Birthday Party = Smoking + Clown. There will probably be a few prints at the show that you can purchase, should you be so inclined. Cheers, and happy birthday to James.