“Are you a man, or are you a ghost?”

Greetings and salutations. So: Craig Powell is having another Epic Layabout Show tomorrow (28 October), but instead of being at 2702 Lawndale, this time it’s at La Salamandra. It is going to be all kinds of awesome. New Durham group Plowman will start things off, followed by Terry Malts and Wax Idols (both on the road all the way from San Francisco) and Spider Bags will close out the night. We look forward to it greatly. So: Rock and roll, Mexican food, cheap beer, oh and also it’s Halloween weekend. What more could a person reasonably ask for from a party? Here’s a poster I worked up for the occasion. Two colors (orange/white) on black posterboard, and this is a big ‘un: 18″x24!” I did a really short print run on these (edition of 25), and I think they came out pretty cool. I’ll have some at the show, and I’d be glad to sell you one. I’d also be glad to make arrangements for you to have one of these via e-mail or a direct message on the Twitters. See yez tomorrow.

*Thanks to Chaz at Bull City Records for the blog post about the show (linked above).