Hopscotch Redux & Internet Shopping

So, as described here, back in the summer I designed an entry for the Hopscotch Music Festival‘s Posterscotch contest. And now, with the blessing of the Hopscotch Head Honchos, and after updating the illustration to fully and accurately reflect the final roster of official festival performers, I have brought said design to life.

This is a three color print, 12.5 x 19″ on French Pop-Tone Black Licorice 100# stock. I’m proud of these. Now, for added intrigue, I did three editions. The above print is one of an edition of seventy (70) prints. There are also twenty (20) prints that look like this:

The “HOPSCOTCH” text is printed metallic silver. Neat, eh? Now, I know that’s exciting, but there’s more. The final ten (10) prints look like this:

That’s GOLD, Jerry! Sweet, right? So, one hundred (100) prints total, each one three colors, each one signed and numbered, each one a reminder of a fantastic festival.

As stated above, I am proud of this work. If you or a close acquaintance (it is the holiday season, after all) would like to own one (or many) of these prints, you are cordially invited to visit my brand new online store. Just click on that “Shop” tab up there. Cheers.