Print it!

Here are a couple things I’ve done recently where someone else did the difficult work and designed/illustrated the piece, and I just did the printing. QUITE enjoyable, I must say. First, the CD jackets for the forthcoming Wood Ear album, Steeple Vultures, on Churchkey Records. One color on fold & glue jackets from Stumptown Printers. Outstanding illustration and layout by Christopher Wright at Seldom Wright Design. Brief side note: If you’re not yet familiar with Nate Tarr’s Wood Ear, get on the trolley now. This band is fucking great and the guy writes killer songs. New record comes out 12 June.

Steeple Vultures

Next, here’s a poster for Schooner & Wesley Wolfe, two of my favorites, who have recorded a split 12″ single. The design is by Reid Johnson (Schooner) & Josh Carpenter, and I think it translated to silkscreen very nicely. Two colors, 12.5 x 19, edition of 55. I’m sure they’ll have some at the 21 April record release party at Pinhook. See you there!