New News

Hello, and happy holidays to all. A few notes for the season. First, Maggie and I have recently moved, so print production is going to be slowed through the end of the year as I set up a new studio space at my new house. It’s exciting, and a real chance to expand my facilities. But it’s gonna take a little while. So if you contact me with a commission for a print project this month and I decline, just know that it’s not for lack of want, but for inability to quickly and efficiently turn it around. I’ll be back cranking stuff out at (hopefully) an even higher clip than before come 2013.

Second, and more important: from RIGHT NOW through the end of the day Dec 18, I’m having a print sale. Stop by the store, pick out some gifts, and shop your way to BIG BIG SAVINGS. Just enter the code “HOLIDAZE” at checkout, and receive 20% off your entire order. How can you lose?

And last, I’ve received a lot of questions as to the whereabouts and availability of my remaining Hopscotch 2012 prints. There are only a couple left. I’m planning something special for these. They’ll be available soon, in a very limited and special package. KEEP TUNED.

There you go. Merry Christmas, shitter was full.