Hopscotch for the Holidays

Diving right in: my Hopscotch prints this year were EXTREMELY popular. As in, I sold almost all of them during the three days of the festival, back in September. Since then, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with the last two (2) that I have. I thought about different packaging options, contests, and all kinds of other dumb shit. In the end, I’ve decided to auction them. They’re up on eBay right now, for five days, high bid wins. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Now, obviously what I wanted most is for everyone who wanted one to get a print. I hate that that can’t be the way. Limited editions, and such. And I also recognize that putting things up for bids can artificially drive up their price. Another drag. So I’ve decided to alleviate some of this guilt, and perhaps further entice you, the potential buyer, through altruism. I will donate a full fifty percent (50%) of the final sale price of each of these two prints to a deserving cause. One print’s proceeds will benefit TROSA, an exceptional recovery program based here in Durham that does truly inspiring work with addicts in recovery. The other print will help me make a donation to the ACLU of North Carolina, who need all the help they can get to continue to fight as the state unfortunately seems to be heading in the wrong direction on a number of social issues, from Voter ID to the truly horrendous Amendment 1.

So that’s it. If you loved Hopscotch 2012 as much as I did, and if you dug this print (many thanks, by the way, to all who have offered such kind words), and if you need a gift for a loved one, and lastly if you’d like to help me make a small donation to a worthy cause, then happy bidding. All my best to you and yours this holiday season.



Bid on Print #2 of 50, benefitting TROSA, here.

Bid on Print #21 of 50, benefitting the ACLU of North Carolina, here.

6-8 September 2012

6-8 September 2012