Everything in Between

How do, friend? Sorry to have been absent from these parts this Summer. Gonna do better. Honest. I just put up a few new poster photos in the gallery, with more to come soon. Lot of stuff coming up in not a lot of time. Including… a show I am VERY excited about. On 3 September at Pinhook, Spider Bags will have the distinct pleasure of opening for one of America’s greatest bands (I will entertain NO debate on this), No Age. They’re releasing their first LP in about three years this Tuesday, and touring heavily to support it. If I weren’t playing this show, I’d have already bought a ticket and taken the next day off. Again: VERY excited.

Here’s a print. Gonna hang a bunch and have the rest for sale at the show. Two screens, with the neon color one used multiple times, in multiple locations, with multiple split fountains to achieve the nervy effect. See you there.