Hopscotch, 2013 Edition

Well, it’s here again. Hopscotch. Your favorite time of year, and mine as well. Always a total blast, and this year’s looking better than ever before. And so, I humbly submit my poster for this year’s festival. As in previous years, I’ve taken great pains to incorporate every official festival performer’s name into my design. Unlike in previous years, however, I decided to focus less on setting a scene, and more on color and shape. I hope you enjoy. These are 19×25, in an edition of 80 prints, in roughly 9 different color schemes, an approximation of which you can see below, laid out on the living room floor. They’ll be for sale from noon to five on Friday and Saturday at Rebus Works, as part of Shopscotch.

I’ll also have some prints with me at each of the three day parties that Spider Bags are playing. You can see a full schedule of those things here. Don’t be shy. I’d love to talk to you. Have fun and be safe, and I’ll see you out there.

UPDATE: For those interested, you can now purchase a Hopscotch print here. Thanks as always.